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  • AmateursDoIt


    Massive Beef Fucks Tiny Chicken

    The boys have already stripped down and started playing with each other, so now is the time when they get really horny a [...]

  • Treasure Island


    Bone Deep - Sc 6

    When it comes to perfect fuckable asses, there are few in the world who can compete with Lucas. I teamed up Derek Anthon [...]

  • SexGaymes


    Heavy Weights, Fat Loads

    Chris has some of the best cum shots we've ever filmed! The scene begins with Remy and Chris working out at the local gy [...]

  • Fetish Force


    Second Initiation - Sc 2

    A Bryce Pierce showcase featuring Eddie Moreno - ripped muscles, piercings, tattoos and filth - what more could you want [...]

  • Bare


    Hot Sweaty Knights - Sc 1

    Filmed entirely on location at Inn Leather in Ft. Lauderdale in August, the hottest and stickiest time of the year. The [...]

  • BangBangBoys



    This is Marcos' first solo video, Marcos loves to show off his great hairy body. When I first met him, he had trimmed hi [...]

  • Teens and Twinks



    Check out blonde twink Maxim as he gives us a show in the bedroom - he strokes his thick uncut cock till it shoots like [...]

  • AmateursDoIt


    Tyson Aussie Top Exhibitionist

    Tyson has admitted to us that he is an exhibitionist and loves showing off his naked body. He says its one of his big tu [...]

  • Treasure Island


    Skull Fuck - Sc 1

    JAMES ROSCOE is a seriously handsome fucker. And a handsome face was born to be fucked. JAMES happens to be a world-clas [...]

  • SexGaymes


    Back-Road Cruising

    Upstate California. A deserted road on a hot summers day. Francois Sagat sitting on a log (looking totally hot as usual) [...]

  • Fetish Force


    Manifesto - Sc 1

    During the summer of 2005, Raging Stallion had a five-week-long talent contest. The winner got a free trip to San Franci [...]

  • Bare


    Bare Muscle - Scene 1

    If you are into REAL MEN having heart stopping, hard pounding man-sex with no holds barred then BARE MUSCLE is guarantee [...]

  • BangBangBoys


    Felix bangs Davyd

    The video you guys been waiting for is nearly here! Davyd Finally gets banged! Previously he has let a lot of guys play [...]

  • Teens and Twinks



    Cute blonde twink Oliver struts his stuff with a sexy strip tease before getting down to business. He Jerks his cock for [...]

  • AmateursDoIt


    Carter Aussie Undies

    This is the first ever time on camera for cute Aussie boy Carter. He is so sexy and sweet, we thought it would be best t [...]

  • Treasure Island


    Damon Blows America : Denver - Sc 4

    Later that day IAN and I teamed up to suck off RICK. We totally enjoyed sharing his big hard cock, and we got a big surp [...]

  • SexGaymes


    Nature's Call

    Huessein and Joey are camping in the woods somewhere in beautiful up-state California. It's a chilly night and the men m [...]

  • Fetish Force


    Sexpack 2 - Sc 2

    Frank Parker has a jock-strap fetish, and to get relief he busts into a locker room at a gay gym. He doesn't even notice [...]

  • Bare


    Boys Night Out - Scene 5

    Filmed at the famous Benton Club, an exclusive private gay club in Prague, the very cute, smooth, uncut Euro Boys suck a [...]

  • BangBangBoys


    Gabriel bangs Austin

    This vid of my boys Gabriel and Austin is sexy as fuck. It was supposed to feature Austin fucking Gabriel, but Gabriel r [...]